Saturday, April 13th, 2013


42: a good movie that conveys a great message


If I read one more review about how the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 isn’t “raw” or “gritty,” I’m going to bash in my computer screen with a baseball bat. Then again, why take my frustration out on my poor computer? Better to go upside the heads of critics who don’t understand two things: • The enormity of the task director/screenwriter Brian Helgeland had before him in condensing the essence of Robinson’s story to two hours. • Helgeland could have gone all raw and gritty if he’d wanted. This guy wroteRead More

Arizona State’s Felix jumps from unwanted to draft ready

Carrick Felix

Arizona State swingman Carrick Felix was making it up as he went along in the slam dunk championship at the Final Four last week, feeding off the crowd, taking suggestions from players—flying by the seat of his pants, you might say—when inspiration struck, giving him an opportunity to show off his one obvious NBA skill. To pull off the dunk that would earn him a perfect 10 from all four judges, Felix had to recruit Murray State point guard Isaiah Canaan, who had competed in the 3-point competition, for help.Read More