October, 2013


New rule change on fouls will bring scoring back to college hoops

Scoring in college basketball is about to make a comeback. Advances in strength and conditioning and loosely officiated games that allowed players to physically direct their opponents to spots on the floor had turned a great game into football on wood. Athleticism had been trumped by brute force. Scoring plummeted, from an average of 76.7 points per game for all NCAA Division I teams in 1991 to 67.5 points last season. Yes, more than nine points a game. Low-scoring, root-canal games had become the norm, not the exception. An excitingRead More

Don’t worry: Your copy of Blue Ribbon will arrive soon!

Several of our readers have emailed, called or written us on Facebook and Twitter asking where their books are. Here’s how the shipping process works: We start accepting pre-orders in August. Once our books return from the printer, in this case, Oct. 15, we spend the next several days filling those pre-orders, thousands of them. Of course we’re still taking orders from other customers during that time. Once the pre-orders are filled, we start working on our latest orders. Those are shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. The last ofRead More