November, 2013


Innovation makes Prater’s an industry leading in flooring

It’s slow day at Praters Athletic Flooring Company, but the place is still jumping with activity. In the company’s facility on 8th Avenue in Chattanooga, two technicians are preparing to paint lines and logos on a maple basketball floor that, two weeks later, will be shipped off to Naval Station Mayport in Jacksonville, Fla., where it will be placed on an aircraft carrier for a game between Florida and Georgetown. In another, considerably larger facility a few miles away in Rossville, Ga., four other courts are in varying stages ofRead More

Tennessee’s Darius Thompson a natural born point guard

As head basketball coach at Motlow State in the late ’90s, Lonnie Thompson didn’t have the luxury of a video coordinator. If he wanted to break down film of an upcoming opponent, he had to do it himself, and more times than not he had to take his work home. That’s how he discovered he had a prodigy on his hands. One night Thompson was watching tape when his five-year-old son Darius ambled into the room, sat down beside him and offered a quick opinion. “I can’t remember exactly whatRead More