April, 2014


Stokes trying to take his power/finesse game to the NBA

  During a routine conversation about his team in the summer of 2012, Florida coach Billy Donovan took time to answer a question about Tennessee forward Jarnell Stokes, whom he had just coached in the FIBA U18 World Championships in Brazil, where Team USA won the gold medal. Even as he was praising Stokes for being dominant—“There was nobody there that could match up with him,” he said—Donovan, ever the coach, talked about how much more dominant Stokes could become. This was no brief summation; Donovan talked more about StokesRead More

Advanced statistics provide preview of new Tennessee coach Donnie Tyndall’s system

Under new coach Donnie Tyndall, Tennessee is going to start playing a lot more like Kentucky and Louisville and less like Vol teams of recent vintage coached by Bruce Pearl and Cuonzo Martin. That should be welcome news for Tennessee fans, given that the Wildcats and Cardinals have won two of the last three NCAA tournament championships. Advanced statistics tell the tale. Lest anyone think Tyndall’s pressing system is run and gun, the numbers compiled by statistics guru Ken Pomeroy suggest differently. In nine seasons as a head coach atRead More

Hard Way Home a film about a journey of catharsis

Hard Way Home copy

In a telling scene from her documentary “Hard Way Home,” filmmaker Kori Feener, in the middle of an epic thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, stops to train her camera on a backwoods philosopher—known to her only as “Pops”—and lets him ramble. “Fear, guilt, possessions, all these negative things are our rocks,” Pops says. “We cling to them. We were born on them. We were taught them. We live them. We die with them. All those great souls that have learned to let go, out here like us, we let go,Read More

Smart emerges from trying sophomore season ready for the NBA

If Marcus Smart were able to travel back in time and alter the course of his final collegiate season, the Oklahoma State point guard would no doubt seize the opportunity to prevent himself from kicking a chair in disgust after a poor game against West Virginia and shoving a fan at Texas Tech, much-publicized incidents that brought his character into question, at least for those who don’t know him. Smart is a man of many skills, but the ability to wander through the space-time continuum is not among them. ThatRead More