Thursday, May 29th, 2014


Versatile Patterson trying to make good on boyhood boast

One day when he was about seven years old, Lamar Patterson stood in front of his family and made a bold proclamation. Patterson’s clan, from Lancaster, Pa., included two brothers who were 10 and seven years older than him, and both were accomplished athletes. Pointing in the direction of brothers Lorne Creighton, who played basketball at Division II Kutztown University, and Perry Patterson, who was a Division I basketball prospect but wound up playing quarterback at Syracuse, young Lamar blurted out, “I’ll be better than both of you. You’re notRead More

Release point center of attention for Jordan Clarkson

As Jordan Clarkson makes his way around the country showcasing his skills in workouts for NBA teams, two words will be on the former Missouri point guard’s mind: Release point. Those words can mean different things to different people, from paratroopers to pitchers. For a basketball player, the release point in a jump shot is all important, the difference between being streaky or, in coaching parlance, a no-leave guy. If Clarkson can convince an NBA general manager that he’s a no-leave guy, his chances of elevating his draft stock—he’s currentlyRead More