Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Sharpshooter Bader aims to prove he belongs in the NBA

Bader v Rochester 1

It’s an early-February Horizon League game between Oakland and Milwaukee, and the Grizzlies’ Travis Bader, en route to an appointment with the NCAA record book, is perfectly executing a play his coach, Greg Kampe, learned from the great Chuck Daly. The play is called “Atlanta.” Kampe can’t remember the year, maybe 1984, maybe ’85, he asked Daly, then in the early stages of building the two-time NBA champion Detroit Pistons, for a set that could get shooters open 3-pointers. Daly suggested one he’d seen used many times by the AtlantaRead More

Opinions mixed on experiment with 30-second clock in college hoops

Belmont basketball coach Rick Byrd.

Atlantic Coast and Southeastern Conference coaches voted at their respective spring meetings to experiment with a 30-second shot clock in 2014-15 exhibition games, obviously demonstrating a unified front on what could be a monumental decision. (SEC athletic directors still have to vote on the issue). But the rest of the country isn’t so unified. In a poll of Division I coaches, opinions were split almost down the middle. Whether a coach is for the reduction from the 35-second clock or against it depends largely on the system he runs. CaseRead More