Jackie Robinson Movie

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this website by accident, or maybe you were even looking for Chris Dortch, the sports writer/author/editor/college professor/actor. Just kidding about that last one, though I actually did score a featured extra role in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42. I played a sports writer. Big stretch, huh? (I’m the tall guy to the right of Jackie Robinson in the picture above.) Despite this dalliance with Hollywood, by no means do I consider myself an actor. The gig was just another line item to cross off my bucket list.

What I am is a guy who likes to tell stories. All kinds of stories. My areas of expertise are college basketball and golf, but as you can see by clicking the links above, I write about anything that interests me, including, occasionally, music and film. Outlets for some of my recent work have included NBA.com and SECdigitalnetwork.com. Both have allowed me to repost some of my favorite pieces on my personal website.

I’m lucky enough to get to keep my hand in golf as a contributing editor for Tennessee Golf Quarterly. Some of my writing for that online publication is reposted on this website. In March 2014, my book on the 100-year history of the Tennessee Golf Association was released. People seem to dig it. I’ve now written six books.

In the new century I’ve also tried my hand at teaching, first at East Tennessee State, my alma mater, and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I taught a sports media class, and it was a lot of fun. I taught not for money, but to give back to a profession that has been a ton of fun for me and the opportunity to work with young people.

Despite those many other endeavors, my main gig is editor and publisher of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook, a 400-page annual preview publication that many people refer to as the “bible” of college basketball. That’s their word, not mine. Who am I to argue? The book is used extensively by ESPN, CBS, NBA scouts, college coaches (for scouting opponents and scheduling), the NCAA (all members of the tournament selection committee are handed a copy of Blue Ribbon before the season begins and encouraged to study), and of course, hard core fans, of which there are thousands. I thank you all.

The last few years, I’ve begun branching out a bit from print and doing some television and radio work. I’ve commented about the NBA draft, from the college perspective, for NBA TV, working with, among others, Matt Winer, Steve Smith, Greg Anthony and Seth Davis. In 2013 I did a gig with BTN, Big Ten Basketball and Beyond, and worked with Dave Revsine, Jim Jackson and Mike DeCourcy.

Radio wise, I co-host, along with my friend Kevin Ingram, the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Hour, which originates on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. In my spare time, I also co-host a cool music show with my son (Chris II). It’s called Connect the Dots, and you can hear it the fourth Sunday of every month at www.wutc.org. It’s streamed at 8 p.m. Eastern. Each show we play great music, offer up amazing but true trivia about every song and take no prisoners in assessing one another’s musical tastes. Hilarity ensues. Join us.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and if you happen to like anything you read here, share it. There are plenty of options to do that.

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